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Rolik Community Rules

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 6:57 pm
by RolikTheDev
hello everyone its rolik and its list of rules, that you need to follow, in forum & when porting one of my mods :)

Porting My Mods To PE
1.Be sure to ask permission for porting ,before you do it.
2.Mention pc version when you upload pe version to minecraft community.
3.Give proper credit to me for textures.

Uploading Content to forum
1.Upload only contect, that is made by you.
*If you have creator's permission , show us proof.

2.No spam post's & advertisments
*For that you will be banned!

3.No Racism & too much cursing :)
*Be sure to try not to curse.

More rules will be added soon!