More Enderman Mod V0.3b for minecraft 1.8

should female enderman be implemented in the next update?

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More Enderman Mod V0.3b for minecraft 1.8

Unread postby hoganas » Wed Oct 28, 2015 7:48 am

Do you ever wanted more hardcore enderman in your world?

now you can get them! :)

More Enderman Mod adds 6 enderman and 1 boss enderman to your mod!



Lightning Enderman:

deals 11-12damage.
acts same as enderman.
has 5% chance of spawning in desert.
strikes lightning on attack.
immune to fire.
drops: Ender pearls.
Wind Enderman:

deals 11-13damage.
acts same as enderman.
has 5% chance of spawning in extreme hills.
knockbacks on attack.
immune to fire.
has 40% higher speed then player when sprinting.
doesn't take fall damage.
drops: Ender pearls.
Dark Enderman:

deals 12-14damage.
acts same as enderman, but only picks up blocks that emit light.
has 5% chance of spawning in taiga.
withers and blind on attack.
drops: Ender pearls.
Earth Enderman:

deals 10-12damage.
acts same as enderman, can pickup almoust any block used by player.
has 5% chance of spawning in plains.
has chance of 0.25% to use his dirt blocks, to trap target and suffocate him.
drops: Ender pearls.
Ender King:

deals 12-15damage.
acts same as enderman, can pickup almoust any block used by player.
has 2.5% of spawning in roofed Forest.
on attack, does basic melee attack.
when teleports blinds and confuses and deals 1hp of damage to everyone in area 3x3x3
has a chance to call for help, get all enderman in 150x150x150 and order them to attack specific target.
has a chance to basicly throw you on attack.
when you use golden apple or use potion, he can steal it and use for him self!
has 25% higher armor then any other special enderman
Spawns Chest with loot on death & drops ender pearls!.

When Dies:
1.Detects everything in radius 15x15x15.

2.Picks 8/10 mobs in radius and picks them up.

3.Launches them to the air.

4.detects everything in 30x30x30

5.strikes lightning every living being in the area, farther then 15x15x15 up to 30x30x30.

6.Covers him self in endstone dome.

Loot You can find:
1.Up to 28 diamonds.
2.Up to 30 exp bottles.
3.Up to 10 golden apples.
4.Diamond sword with random enchants.
5.P.s mine to the middle, of the dome :)


Witch Enderman:

7 damage(+ up to 20 potion damage)
has 1 unique abillity ,to give random bad potion(throw potion at you).
No spawn yet.


Santa Enderman:

5 - 10 damage.
has 3 unique abillities.
1.Firework attack(spawns firework beneath you when teleports).
2.Freeze(makes you 50% slower).
3.Snow dome(creates snow dome).
No spawn yet.

Void Enderman:

5 - 10 damage.
has 4 unique abillities

1.Fire roar(roars like enderdragon, and sets on fire everyone within 15 blocks around him).
2.Gravity manipulation(manipulates gravity, by smacking you high in to the air!).
3.Time manipulation(dissapears for brief moment, while getting speed 6 & damage boost 2, and slow downs everyone within 15 blocks).

Below 50health!
1.Explosive Shield(creates explosion shield around him, does 5x explosions around him, by hitting all mobs withing 15 blocks).

this one is true evil enderman, he hates everyone, and is 2 st strongest in the mod!
No spawn yet:
note: all these enderman have 20% higher armor then original enderman, so they are harder to kill!





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DOWNLOADING: This mod is only to be downloaded from my sources (or as explained above, from   
modpacks) the websites mentioned a few lines below. Any other websites that host a copy of my mod are ignoring my copyright. I ask you to not download from these sources as they are not only immoral, but are likely to have an outdated, invalid or unofficial version since they are not moderated   
by me.

be sure to suggest your enderman! :)
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Re: More Enderman Mod V0.3b for minecraft 1.8

Unread postby RolikTheDev » Fri Jan 01, 2016 5:51 am

Santa enderman is cool! I like that firework ability lol.