Chucky The Killer Doll

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Chucky The Killer Doll

Unread postby RolikTheDev » Tue Dec 15, 2015 7:29 pm

Hello guys its rolik and its time for a new mod! :)


this mod adds chucky , with some hi's stuff tot the game!


Chucky's Knife - deals 11.5 damage, & poisons enemies one of the weapons that chucky will use(can get dropped by chucky!).
Voodo Amulet - Craftable amulet, that will be used in to craft bloody amulet for chucky's spawn ritual.
Bloody Amulet - Craftable , right click with amulet on doll to start the ritual.
Doll - craftable, simple steve doll, that will be basic doll that will be able to be transformed into many killer dolls!
Chucky's Hammer - deals 13.5damage has a 15% to curse your target on succesfull hit!
Greedy Amulet - (WIP)

Head Cutters:

Glass - 25 durabillity, 0.5 damage, 15% chance to get mob head, fast break speed.
Golden - 600 durabillity, 3 damage, 40% chance to get mob head , fast break speed.
Iron - 600 durabillity, 3 damage, 60% chance to get mob head , medium break speed.
Diamond - 850 durabillity, 7 damage, 100% chance to get mob head , low break speed.
Emerald - 1.000 durabillity, 8 damage, 100% chance to get mob head , low break speed.
Nether Star - 10.000 durabillity, 22 damage, 100% chance to get mob head(2x drop) , low break speed.


Chucky The Killer Doll - 25health, deals damage(deals damage with specific weapon he has) has some unique abillities.
2.Assasination(becomes invisible & fast for 150ticks!).
3.Vampire(on attack randomly gets 5hp back).
4.Transformation(if chucky kills normal doll, he will spawn another chucky!).
5.Metaphosis(if time is equal to day, he will turn into simple doll, that will don't do anything)

Chucky The Doll - doll that will be only at day, and at night , will turn into serial killer!

Doll - 10 health (does nothing only just stand there and just look where ever it will be placed).

Be sure to suggest more things or features that should be added!





crafting recipes will be in zip foldier!

p.s more features will be added in the future!