Enchanced Mobs Mod[V0.1/1.8]

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Enchanced Mobs Mod[V0.1/1.8]

Unread postby RolikTheDev » Tue May 17, 2016 7:13 pm

Do you ever wanted to have a harder challange to you to complete, this mod will add that in for now mod only adds 4 giant mobs, but soon will gonna add even more variations of mobs, starting from superior witches, up to mutant monsters.

this mod is currently for minecraft 1.8!

Creature List:

Zombie Giant - 350hp, 35 damage, has 3 special attacks, stomp attack, knockback, and smash, does these attacks rarrely, will attack player , iron golem & villagers, and on villager kill infect them!

Zombie Villager Giant - 450hp, 40 damage, same as zombie giant, but has villager's nose!

Zombie Pigman Giant - 650hp, 45 damage, same as zombie giant, but has faster attack speed and is immune to fire, and hold's a golden sword!

Wither Giant - 2500hp, currently is work in progress!

p.s there is a fift mob, but is a surprise for you, first who will notice him, will be able to choose abillities for him!



p.s these will not spawn by them selfs, these will be some sort mutations for vanilla mobs, or maybe even transformations, this mod will enchance every mobs strenght, speed and powers , so your minecraft world would be challanging!