Minecraft FallenSword Mod 1.7.2/1.7.10 WIP V 0.7

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Minecraft FallenSword Mod 1.7.2/1.7.10 WIP V 0.7

Unread postby RolikTheDev » Sat Feb 28, 2015 6:09 am

Fallen Sword mod , is based off fallen sword mmorpg game, that i played years ago

mod adds now:

Bronze tools & armor
Bronze Ore & Ingot
Bronze Block

Mythril tools & armor
Mythril Ore & Ingot
Mythril Block

Ruby tools & armor
Ruby Ore & Gem
Ruby Block

Blood Ruby tools & armor
Blood Ruby Ore & Gem
Blood Ruby Block

Sword Of Carnage - 46Damage/ Dropped By Corrupted Knight
Cursed Samurai Sword - 70Damage/Dropped By Cursed Samurai

Corrupted Knight - 250hp

Cursed Samurai - 18000hp

Count Gorblaz - 98000hp

More mobs & items & sets cooming soon

p.s this mod is compatible with hoganscraft, so if you have it installed

you will have, 2 types of bronze
and 3 types of ruby!

V 0.3
Added Heavy Fighter Armor
Added Assasins Armor
Added Heavy Hammer
Added Assasins Dagger

p.s assasins armor is invisible because of assasins special abillity with dagger when you hold right click :P

V 0.4
Added Riflemans Grenade = 5 Tnt
Added Nuke Grenade = 5 Riflemans Grenades - but explosion radius is the same like with nuke tnt so, yeah :P

Added Native (5hp,1damage)

Improved Heavy Fighters Armor & Hammer - now craftable
Improved Assasins Armor & Dagger - still not craftable

P.s Some recipes are in zip foldier , except assasins armor and dagger, those aren't craftable yet

and other recipes are standart like for armor and tools


Added Ultimate Grenade = WIP
Added Reborn elemental air javelin - 425 damage
Added Red Zombie (10hp,3damage)

Updated to newest minecraft forge for minecraft 1.7.2


Updated to 1.7.10!
couple bug fixes


Couple bug fixes & improvements

Added Goblin(5hp,4damage)

Added Inferno Armor (better then emerald!)

Download here: