Minecraft HogansCraft Mod 1.7.2/1.7.10 Forge 1.4.2c

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Minecraft HogansCraft Mod 1.7.2/1.7.10 Forge 1.4.2c

Unread postby RolikTheDev » Sat Feb 28, 2015 6:07 am

New mod that been released by Hoganas
Mod is small but its gonna be actively updated

Mod has now:
Ruby Tools
Ruby Block
Ruby Ore
Ruby Gem

Crystal Tools
Crystal Block
Crystal Ore
Crystal Gem

Sapphire Tools
Sapphire Block
Sapphire Ore
Sapphire Gem

Red Emerald Tools
Red Emerald Block
Red Emerald Ore
Red Emerald Gem

Red Diamond Block
Red Diamond Ore
Red Diamond Gem

Emerald Tools

Dragon Gem, Ore & Block
Blue Emerald Ore,Gem & Block
Uranium ingot & Ore
Magmite gem & Ore
Letonite Ingot,Ore & Block
Diamond Nugget & Apple
Ruby Nugget & Apple
Emerald Nugget & Apple
Sapphire Nugget & Apple
Citrine Nugget & Apple
Red Emerald Nugget & Apple
Blue Emerald Nugget & Apple
Dragon Nugget & Apple
Dragon Brick
Uranium Lamp
Moonstone Lamp
Cinder & Cinder Ore

Added Blue Emerald Tools
Amber, Block , Ore & Bricks
Citrine, Block, Ore & Bricks
FireStone,Block,Ore & Bricks
Added Magmite Bricks
Gun Powder Ore & Block
Peridot,Block & Ore
Zircon,Block & Ore
MoonStone & MoonStone Ore
Added Diamond Nugget & Apple
Added Ruby Nugget & Apple
Added Emerald Nugget & Apple
Added Sapphire Nugget & Apple
Added Citrine Nugget & Apple
Addded Red Emerald Nugget & Apple
Added Blue Emerald Nugget & Apple
Added Dragon Nugget & Apple
Added Dragon Brick
Added Uranium Lamp
Added Moonstone Lamp
Added Cinder & Cinder Ore
V 0.8
Added Gold Trident
Added Diamond Trident
Added Dragon Trident

Added New Mob fighter with custom ai!

Added New mob Archer with custom ai!
Coulpe of bug fixes

Added Wooden Spear
Added Stone Spear
Added Gold Spear
Added Sapphire Spear
Added Diamond Spear
Added Emerald Spear
Added Dragon Spear
Added Moonstone Glaive
Added Bedrock Apple
Tweaked Other Apples to have 3-4 potion effects

1.0 Update!!

Added New mini boss mob Hell Bull
Added Bronze Tools
Added Ender Dust
Added Vaffles and Ice cream!
Added Rune of Vision(does nothing just yet)
Added German sheperd
Added Crazy Bull
Added Crazy Mushroom
Added Bull Tear
Added Sheperd Leather

Weapons have crafting

Added Dragon Armor
Added Emerald Armor
Added Ruby Armor
Added Sapphire Armor
Added Citrine Armor

Added Fighters Sword

Added New Mob(WIP Squirrel)
Added New Hostile Mob (Charger)
Improved Hell Bull King

Improved Rune Of Vision
Improved Frost Sand

Added Frost Ore
Added Frost Block
Added Frost Brick
Added Frost Dirt
Added Frost Lamp

Added Frost Ingot
Added Frost Sticks

Fixed some Bugs


Added Frost Armor - (When you walk on water it will turn into ice)
Added Magmite Armor - (When you walk on lava it will turn into cobblestone)

Added Rune Of Flames
Added Rune Of Butterness
Added Rune Of Squiderness

Added Infernus Gem
Added Infernus Ore

Couple Bug Fixes

Added Apatite Ore
Added Apatite Gem
Added Apatite Block

Added Boiled Egg
Added Quartz Bricks

Added Bultoise Cap
Added Bultoise Chestplate
Added Bultoise Leggings
Added Bultoise Boots

Made Charger Killable
Improved Some stuff

Fixed apple saturation, now they will only give +3

Balanced Armor & Tools


Updated to newest forge for minecraft 1.7.2
couple bug fixes
some balancing


Added Energy Drink
Added Aqua Gem
Added Aqua Ore(Still not generating in real world)


Added Battle Steve
Added Dragon Battle Axe
Couple Bug fixes

V1.4.2 for minecraft 1.7.2

Added Zombie Wolf
Balanced all mobs to spawn fairly not like many in one place
couple bug fixes
some balancing

V1.4.2b for minecraft 1.7.10

Updated to 1.7.10!

v1.4.2c for minecraft 1.7.2/1.7.10

Fully Added Battle Steve & Dragon Battle Axe
Fully Added Zombie Wolf

Added Runner - 25hp (acts like charger but its weaker version, explodes on death, with 2x damage)
Added Jungle Spider - 80hp (acts like spider, but attacks everything he sees, climbs walls and poisons enemies)
Added Nether Spider - 100hp (acts like spider , but attacks everything he sees, climbs walls charges and sets enemies on fire)
Added Ender Spider - 125hp (acts like spider , attacks only player, attacks other only if provoked, climbs walls, sometimes spin charges, and gives nasty buffs to enemies)
Added Frost Spider - 150hp (acts like spider, attacks everything, withers enemies)

Added NetherFish - 30hp (is same as silverfish, but attacks everything, withers enemies, and sometimes climbs walls, using it like deffence mechanism)

Added Poison Apple
Added Poison Golden Apple


Ender Spider spawns only at the end
Nether Spider and Netherfish spawns only at the nether
Jungle Spider spawns only at the jungle
Frost Spider and Runner spawns only at ice plains

Mobs are great for using in mob battles, and runner and charger, keeps abillities on death if you have morph mod and die as a charger or

Check it out! be sure to leave like, if you can do better, do it now!!!
by the way don't forget to check, creative tab miscellnous, for new mobs!

This mod works with forge for minecraft 1.7.2
Single Player and Multi Player!!!
Compatible with all mods
Mod gonna be updated every week and all updates gonna be posted here
P.s i have all rights to upload this mod :)
If mods get popular hoganas will make huge updates , like electric chest and etc...
Download Sub and comment!

follow me on twitter for more info & updates

Download here: